Stoltz Companies | Landlord Representation
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Landlord Representation

Stoltz affiliates have had the pleasure of building strong partnerships through commitment and delivery of service to various quality owners of commercial property such as GE Capital, Principal Life, TA Realty, Wells Fargo, Urdang & Associates, DACK Realty, etc.


In this capacity Stoltz continues to creatively devise marketing and relationship strategies which provide for the assets to successfully outperform market occupancy levels. Having been in the South Florida market since 1986, and continually working to groom strong broker relationships, Stoltz prides itself on having the opportunity to make every deal in the market…..recognizing that not all are going to be made…..but getting the opportunity is critical.


Leasing prides itself on recognizing the added value to the owner and tenant of being present and involved at all showings and space plan meetings. The goal is to provide excitement through creative vision and allowing tenants to actually see themselves working efficiently in the space thereby evoking an emotional commitment to the space, while at the same time minimizing Landlord renovation expense.


From the smallest tenant to the largest tenant, all leases add value to the landlord.


Further, Stoltz recognizes the importance of tenant retention. Continuing to monitor existing tenants and their changing needs for space is something that is crucial to maintaining occupancy.